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Child Support and Spousal Support - Experienced Representation

Financial Arrangements Should be Fair - Legal Rights and Obligations

The Law Offices of Michelle Evans handles both issues of child support and spousal support, we use the same DissoMaster™ software as the California judges and court rooms. We can assist you in establishing spousal support and child support as part of your family law case, or we can assist you in seeking a modification or termination of spousal support or child support obligation. We know California law, and we understand how much financial support affects everyone’s bottom line.

Lawyers Experienced with Child Support and California law

We understand that, while many view the law as making child support a cut-and-dry matter, there are still many points that may be disputed. Divorcing couples often disagree about what income should be included in child support calculations.  We ensure that your children will receive the support they are entitled to - or that your child support payments will be reasonable and in accordance with California law.

Circumstances that may result in a change in child support determinations are:

If you have questions about your rights or obligations concerning child support, or need legal representation to resolve a child support dispute in a divorce or paternity case, contact the Law Offices of Michelle Evans. We can help you understand your options and rights.

Spousal Support Attorney - Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties Alimony Lawyer

Although the application of spousal support laws changes as financial conditions of both parties in divorce change, alimony is still an important consideration in many California divorces. For many people, it is a point of serious disagreement in their divorce, as one side often argues it is a financial necessity, and the other side argues that the other should become self supporting. Our goal is to work toward a fair resolution of your concerns, with a very responsive and competent approach to the process, whether in court or negotiated outside court.

Don’t Hesitate to Make a Change for the Better

Contact us for a consultation about your spousal support (alimony) or child support issue. Often your questions may be answered over the phone, or you can schedule a meeting at our Santa Barbara or Ventura office. In any case, we treat you and your legal issue with complete confidentiality.  Send our office an email or call 805-242-6270.