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A power of attorney is like a contingency plan in case there comes a time when you are no longer able to handle your financial affairs on your own. It appoints an agent to handle your financial affairs and gives that person direction for how you want your finances handled should you be unable to do so. It is a good idea for everyone who makes financial decisions that affects others to have a power of attorney, and it is important to make sure that this is done accurately and effectively.

For example, if you become incapacitated and are unable to make your own decisions, the person you have listed to act as your agent on your behalf would have the authority to deal directly with third-party financial institutions such as banks, lenders, creditors, etc.     

Santa Barbara and Ventura Power of Attorney Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Michelle Evans, we provide experienced counsel and assistance for clients who seek to create a sound and enforceable plan for their own long-term care. We can design legally protected strategies that will give you peace of mind today that your wishes will be respected in the future. A power of attorney can also put systems in place designed to protect your estate while you are incapacitated. In a crisis, these documents are also a blessing to your loved ones.

Financial Durable Power of Attorney

The power of attorney for financial management may be very general and grant the agent broad authority, or the principal may limit the agent's authority specifically in the instrument creating it. Your Power of Attorney may allow your agent to make your mortgage payments, collect money due to you and deposit it in your bank account, pay your bills, and even keeping your business running. These can be extremely powerful documents and great care should be exercised in their use.


Prevent Problems - Consult a Lawyer About Power of Attorney

Contact the Law Offices of Michelle Evans, if you would like to schedule a free consultation to learn more about California estate planning law and durable powers of attorney. Please email our office or call 805-242-6270 for an appointment in Santa Barbara or Ventura to discuss how California durable powers of attorney may benefit you and your family.