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California Military Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is already a difficult and painful experience, but if either you or your spouse is in the military, it can become even more complicated. We support military personnel to rapidly get through the difficult process of a divorce and all that it entails.  Filing all the legal paperwork and knowing exactly what is needed to rapidly conclude your family law matter is one of our specialties.  


With Vandenberg AFB, Port Hueneme and Point Mugu in close proximity, the Lompoc and Oxnard areas are home to many military families. At the Law Offices of Michelle Evans, we have a wealth of experience in resolving family law issues for military families and are ready to assist you with your case, whether you are currently serving at home or abroad.


Military Benefits included in Support Orders

Being in the military can add an extra layer of complication where child and spousal support orders are concerned.  If a spouse/parent is receiving a military housing benefit (BAH), it is possible that this amount can be included into the support determination.

In addition, military law can be different than civil law in regards to what a military spouse is or is not responsible for concerning military pensions and/or the support of a non-military spouse.  Contact the Law Offices of Michelle Evans today if you have questions in these areas.


At the Law Offices of Michelle Evans our services also include the preparation of the following:

If you need advice about divorce as a veteran retired from long years of active service, the spouse of such a veteran, or an active duty member of the armed services, we can help you. We have a detailed understanding of the different ways that past or present military service can affect the rights of divorcing spouses. In military divorces, military retirement benefits and health care benefits must be divided. Child custody, support, and visitation are an issue, in addition to property settlements. If your divorce involves a military retiree or an active military person, contact one of our local offices today in either Ventura or Santa Barbara.


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If you or your spouse is active or former military and you are considering divorce in the Lompoc, Buellton, Oxnard or Point Mugu area, contact us today. We will answer your questions and help you determine the best course of action.  There is absolutely no obligation, and your divorce consultation will be 100% confidential. Email our office or call 805-242-6270.