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Family Law


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Limited Scope Representation in Ventura and Santa Barbara

Low-Cost Divorce, Support, Custody and Other Family Law Issues

Limited scope representation is a useful tool for people involved in uncontested divorces or those whose case only requires the assistance of an attorney for one specific issue. It is very affordable, especially if you and your divorcing partner agree on other issues in the divorce such as property division, support or custody. Limited scope representation is also useful for couples with children who are committed to open communication and cooperation after the divorce.


At the Law Offices of Michelle Evans, in Santa Barbara and Ventura, we provide dedicated and comprehensive family law representation. Limited scope representation offers assistance for people "doing their own" non-contested divorce without the cost of "full scope" attorney representation. We are willing to tailor our representation to meet your needs.


Limited Scope Services

At the Law Offices of Michelle Evans, our limited-scope representation services include:

Low Cost Family Law - Control Your Case and Your Budget

Limited Scope Representation allows you to have more control over your case and the cost of your case. If you choose some form of limited scope, it is very important that we clearly communicate what we will be doing and what you will be doing.


One of the greatest benefits of limited scope representation is the opportunity to maximize your litigation budget. We can tell you whether or not your case is appropriate for this arrangement based upon our training and experience.

Contact Our Family Law Office to Learn More

With limited scope representation, you can agree to have our family law lawyers represent you in some matters, while handling the rest of your case yourself. Doing so may reduce the total cost of resolving your family law issue. Our office can help you with legal proceedings in California Courts, especially in Ventura and Santa Barbara. To learn more about limited scope representation and if it is reasonable for your situation, contact us for a consultation: call 805-242-6270 or e-mail our law office.