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Child Custody - Legal Help in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties

We Care About the Outcome of Your Child Custody Case

When you are going through trying times, you want a child custody lawyer who cares about the outcome of your case. At the Santa Barbara and Ventura law firm, Law Offices of Michelle Evans, we care what happens to our clients. We also care about how they feel when they are experiencing what may be the most difficult days of their lives. Whether you need assistance with child custody, child support or a restraining order, we are here to help you.


As difficult as a divorce is by itself, the situation is made even more complex by the presence of children. The entire family unit is changed, and the process can be very traumatic and confusing for everyone involved. Child visitation, child support, and custody are often issues that are passionately contested between divorcing spouses. An experienced attorney can assure that any child support payment or custody agreement reached is fair to you and to your children.


We help families find a resolution to their family law matters such as:

Every child custody case is unique, and your specific legal questions can only be properly answered during a thorough consultation with an experienced attorney.

Children’s Well-Being

One of the most emotional and contentious issues in a divorce can be child custody.  The children’s welfare is the most important part of any divorce, and we only want the best for your children.  At the Law Offices of Michelle Evans, we are fully dedicated to helping parents’ transition from married life to single life.  We understand that your children’s well-being is very important to you, and that is why we are committed to standing by you throughout your divorce proceedings to help give you peace of mind that your children will be cared for in the manner that you feel is appropriate.

Call Us to Discuss Your Child Custody Case

If you have a question about child custody or any other family law matter, or wish to discuss the financial implications of divorce, we can help. Contact us at our Santa Barbara or Ventura office. Call 805-242-6270 or email.