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Advance Health Care Directive

Santa Barbara and Ventura County Advance Health Care Directive Lawyer


In general, an Advance Directive expresses specific instructions you have regarding your healthcare. It also enables you to designate another person to make healthcare decisions on your behalf (the agent).  An advance health care directive provides for the designation of an agent to make health care and other personal decisions for the principal (the person for whom decisions are being made). Examples of personal decisions include determining the place of residency of the principal, controlling visitation of the principal in his or her home or in a health care facility and electing burial or cremation of the principal. Essentially and health care directive can allow a person to assist in where you will live, what treatment you may receive, who may visit you, and plans for your body after your death.

Express Your Medical Care Wishes

At the Law Offices of Michelle Evans, we are experienced in helping clients express their medical care wishes in advance health care directives. We will discuss the importance of these directives and help you define the specific terms of the document. Call 805-242-6270 or email us to set up a confidential appointment at our Ventura or Santa Barbara office locations.

Our office offers a free half-hour consultation with an experienced attorney.  We find this gives people an opportunity to identify their options, and see what course of action is best for each individual. The consultation is free, and there is no obligation to move forward. Not all cases are complex enough to require legal representation; our office will advise you honestly about the pros and cons of handing the matter with or without an attorney. 

Give Copies of Your Advance Directive to:

You should give copies of your Advance Directive to your Agent, your family members, your physician and any healthcare providers or institutions. Keep the original signed and dated Advance Directive with your other important papers. It’s also a good idea to make a note on the Advance Directive itself who you gave copies to in case you need to modify or revoke your Advance Directive. An Advance Directive does not address anything related to your finances. If you want to give authority to someone to make decisions regarding your finances, please refer to our power of attorney page.

Contact Us to Learn More About Planning for Your Healthcare Decisions

Planning ahead to make your wishes known helps ensure the care you receive is as desired, and can prevent problems for those you love.  For a confidential consultation with a Santa Barbara and Ventura County lawyer regarding establishing a power of attorney for health care, call 805-242-6270, or contact our law office by email.